What are Shimla’s attractions?

Shimla draws many visitors as a fascinating hill station due to the abundance of lovely locations to see in Shimla. Best location to visit in Shimla are The Ridge, The Mall Lakkar Bazaar, Jakhu Hanuman Temple, St. Michael’s Cathedral, The Glen, Annandale, Bhargaon (4 kilometers), Prospect Hill and Kamna Devi (6 kilometers), Sankat Mochan (7 kilometers), Chadwick Falls (8 kilometers), Tara Devi (11 kilometers), and Mashobra (12 kilometers). These Shimla Tourist Attractions have been the focal point of Shimla’s tourist attractions for generations. The following interests are some of the most popular locations to visit in Shimla:

Shimla Mall

Shimla’s Mall Road is the primary tourist attraction, with several hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, banks, shops, offices, post offices, and several tourist offices. People may enjoy everything on foot here since automobiles are prohibited on this route to maintain a clean environment.

Chail Palace

Chail Palace is situated in the Himachal Pradesh town of Chail. It was constructed during Maharaja of Patiala Bhupinder Singh’s expulsion from Shimla by Lord Kitchener. He built the Palace to serve as his Summer Capital during the hotter months.

Majestic Deodar trees surround Chail, and Shimla was imagined accurately. Most significantly, Chail is located 2226 meters above sea level. Today, it is operated as a hotel by Himachal Tourism.


Narkanda is located 60 kilometers from Shimla. It is an excellent hideaway for anyone seeking leisure in a serene and secluded setting. Numerous locations around Narkanda are worth seeing. Notable sites include Hatu Peak, Kacheri, Kotgarh, Thanedhar, and the Jallori Pass.

Jakhu Temple

This is a Lord Hanuman temple located on the summit of Jakhu hill. Along with seeing the temple, the hilltop provides a panoramic view of the Shivalik hills and Sanjauli town. The temple is situated 2 kilometers from the Ridge at the height of 2455 meters. The 108-foot-tall statue of Lord Hanuman atop the hill is a significant tourist attraction. According to the tradition surrounding this temple, Lord Hanuman slept here before continuing his hunt for the Sanjeevani Booti, which would revive Lord Lakshman. It is a haven for monkeys, who gather here in large numbers and graciously accept food offered by devotees and visitors.

Golf Course

Shimla’s golf courses are quite popular with those looking to unwind and play golf in their spare time. In Shimla, several golf courses are pretty popular with the upper class, as is the case with Naldehra and Annadale. Naldehra is one of India’s most extraordinary and oldest golf courses. Lord Curzon created the groundwork for this golf course in 1903, during India’s colonial era. The picturesque course, which is reminiscent of Scottish links courses, is situated around 22 kilometers from Shimla. The army manages Annadale’s nine-hole golf facility. Numerous resorts and hotels are located around this lush green golf course.


Kufri is the ideal location for adventurers. It is well-known for its walking and hiking paths and is located 13 kilometers from Shimla. Additionally, Kufri is famous for its natural parks and picnic areas. Kufri’s climate is alpine. Summers (April to June) is pleasant, whereas winters (November to February) are very cold. Winter sports are a significant draw for skiing lovers and adventure visitors to this event. During the summer, Kufri is similar to any other location in the vicinity of Shimla, when visitors seek some space and tranquillity away from busy Shimla. Kufri is also a famous gateway, frequented for its scenic vistas, tourism attractions, and pleasant temperature.

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Tattapani is approximately 50 kilometers from Shimla. Tattapani translates as ‘hot water .’ This network of sulphur springs gushes hot water into the Sutlej River. These hot fluids erupted from several locations along the river bed at Tattapani. Considered to have medical properties, a soak in hot water alleviates skin conditions, joint problems, and weariness. However, it’s not natural spring since it vanishes in June and July when the river level rises. In November and December, it returns. This location is also well-known for the contributions made in the name of Sani Dan by followers. On Saturdays, the offerings are made to a distinct group of individuals known as Pandas.

Viceregal Lodge

Viceregal Lodge is situated atop Observatory Hill, one of Shimla’s seven hills. The structure was designed as a residence for Lord Dufferin, India’s Viceroy. The architecture of the system was very remarkable since it was created in the renowned Jacobethan style.

Later renamed Rashtrapati Niwas, it served as the President of India’s summer resort. This tradition stopped in the 1960s when the building was transferred to the Institute of Advanced Studies. The Viceroy Lodge is located west of Shimla, a pleasant two-kilometer stroll from the city center.

Grindlay’s Bank

Grindlay’s Bank is a British overseas bank founded in 1828 in London. It has undergone multiple rebranding attempts. It opened a branch in Shimla in 1912.

The Gaiety Theater

The Gaiety Theater, which is located in the center of the ancient town hall, is an outstanding example of Victorian theatre architecture. Henry Irwin, the famous architect who also created Viceregal Lodge, designed it. The Theater embodies Shimla’s and Himachal Pradesh’s cultural history. This one of Asia’s oldest theaters was a popular hangout spot for Britishers during India’s pre-independence period. Today, the Art Gallery will feature work by renowned Indian painters both domestically and internationally.

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