8 year old Kashvi from Palampur will give the eighth class exam

Palampur Girl Kashavi: Eight-year-old Kashvi from Palampur city of Himachal Pradesh is discussed everywhere. This eight-year-old girl will appear for her Class VIII exam, and the Himachal Pradesh High Court has also allowed the girl child to take the exam of 8th class.

Palampur Girl Kashavi Eight-year-old Kashvi from Palampur city of Himachal Pradesh will appear for the class VIII examination. Eight-year-old Kashvi, who lives in Himuda Kalani in Lahna ward of Palampur, had demanded the government and education board take the eighth class examination due to her extraordinary talent and on the petition of Kashvi’s father, the High Court temporarily in the eighth class. Read permission has been ordered. Taking advantage of the lack of regular studies in the school due to Kovid-19 for almost one and a half years, Kashvi completed her studies from class IV to VIII in two-two months and is preparing for the class VIII examination.

At present, eight-year-old Kashvi’s father, Santosh Kumar, is a teacher, while mother Kamlesh is a homemaker. It is being told that Kashvi’s mother, recognizing her darling’s unique ability, helped her prepare for the next classes. However, the father’s interest also increased with the unique ability of his beloved. But the responsibility of giving complete education to Kashvi is on the shoulders of the mother. The great thing is that Kashvi had only one year in school and passed the first class; earlier, he had not studied in Nursery and LKG.

She has been promoted by the school in the second grade. She continued to do her own level studies in the third grade and after completing the syllabus of all the next classes. She has started preparing for the eighth class examination.

What Kashvi’s mother Says

Kashvi’s mother, who is herself MA BEd. She said that the daughter has a lot of interest in music, sports, and studies. The family also got the test of the beautiful ability of Ladli during the lockdown. The daughter finished the entire syllabus of the third class within two months and narrated it to the parents. Kashvi is his only daughter.

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