Himachal Pradesh Famous Comedian Prince Garg Biography

Today, through this article, we will introduce the life of Himachal’s comedian Prince Garg. Who is comedian Prince Garg? What is the name of his parents? Where was he born? what are his achievements? and what are his hobbies? And we will tell you in detail through this article about how he is a human being in everyday life.

He is no less than Kapil Sharma, the king of comedy

Prince Garg hardly anyone has heard this name now. Prince Garg, who lured people with his jokes, has now made his mark at the national level. But who is Prince Garg? You know him as a performer, but today we will make you aware of his personal life. Prince Garg of Gurley Kangra, has been doing standup since the age of 10.

Comedian Prince Garg Hometown and Family

Comedian Prince Garg was born in Suhin, a small village in Kangra. Prince Garg is an artist from the town, and in today’s time. His Father, Mr. Vipin Garg is the owner of the cycle shop. Sushma Garg teaches sewing. His mother, Mrs. Sushma Garg, teaches sewing. He has one brother.

Comedian Prince Garg

He was very fond of laughing since childhood, imitating his relatives and making everyone laugh in the family and when there was a program in the school, he used to give his programs there and trapped everyone, at the age of 10, he took to the stage. Started going, and from that time, they did not even know that it would become the pride of Himachal in the coming time. Since childhood, they used to be more naughty than others and more mischievous than others, so the atmosphere of Prince Garg’s house is very laughable. We believe that somewhere he supports them a lot to become a comedian. The hobby also grew along with it.

He did his schooling at Government Senior Secondary School, Garli, and did plus two in science. After that, he went to MIT College to do engineering. And he was so passionate about becoming a comedian that he even left engineering studies. Then later, he graduated in Music from Government College Dhaliyara College. He has done MA from Government College Dhaliyara and all their studies are done by the Government of Himachal Pradesh.

Comedian Prince Garg Achievements

Now we will tell you about the achievements of comedian Prince Garg what accomplishments he has achieved at the young age of 23 years.

He became a comedian of Himachal’s first National LEVEL. He had a program on TV. Whose name was the head of laughter, who is the finalist of the head of laughter? He has won the title of Best Comedy of Himachal in 2016. He has also been significantly honored by the CM of Himachal Pradesh and has done about 1000 live shows.

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There is almost no such place in Himachal where he had not done your live show. In today’s time, he is the youngest of all the Himachal artists and has won the highest number of awards. And we believe in the coming times to continue this trend. Every year in Katra city of Jammu, a considerable comedy competition is organized, in which comedians from all over India have taken part recently. In this competition held in 2017, Prince Garg has won the title of the first runner-up.

In today’s time, the number of fans of Prince Garg is increasing day by day. The official Instagram handle link Prince Garg.

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