What is the secret of getting ‘milk’ and ‘curd’ from the ground in Himachal

In the Ropa Padhar Panchayat of Chauhar Valley of Mandi district, what milky water started coming out of the ground, people gave it the name of miracle. Not only gave the name of miracle, but also started worshiping by lighting incense and incense sticks. The worshipers include not only the elderly but also educated youth and intellectuals. Not only this, people are also saying that the milk that comes out of the ground remains converted into curd.


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In this article In Himachal will tell you in detail that the milky water from the ground does not come out because of any miracle but through a chemical process. This area of ​​Chauhar Valley is famous for salt and lime deposits since time immemorial. There are deposits of salt and lime from Gumma to Drang. Gumma salt is famous throughout the state and country. Salt and lime water comes out at both Gumma and Drang.

due to which the color is milky

Whenever lime water comes in contact with carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere, the color of the water becomes milky. It is a chemical process, not a miracle. This is often taught in science. If carbon dioxide gas is passed through lime water, the color of the water becomes milky.

Carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas. This gas is found naturally on the earth. This gas is found in the atmosphere about 0.03 to 0.04 percent. Not only this, this gas is very essential for life on earth. It remains in the gaseous state at normal temperature and pressure.

Let us understand this in the language of science. There are two types of lime. slaked lime and non-slaked lime. In science, slaked lime is called calcium oxide and slaked lime is called calcium hydroxide. Lime water is also called calcium hydroxide.

chemical process

When carbon dioxide gas is passed through lime water, the reaction takes place. In the reaction, the carbon replaces the calcium present in the lime. The reaction forms calcium carbonate and water. Calcium carbonate is white in color and due to this the water appears milky. This calcium carbonate is called a crystal or precipitate. But when this water is flowing, calcium carbonate remains on the surface of the ground. These are the same precipitates which people in Chauhar Valley are telling to make curd from milk.

But the reality is that it is neither milk nor curd made from any milk. It is a chemical process. But due to lack of knowledge of science, people are giving it the name of miracle. This is an impractical thing and somewhere it is also encouraging superstition.

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Included in the course

This process is also included in the school curriculum. In CBSE it is taught in class 10th. Apart from this, it is also a chemistry question, which is often asked in UPSC, SSC and other competitive exams. This question was also asked in the SSC exam held in the year 2011.

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