What differentiates Himachal Pradesh from the rest of India?

To begin, let us examine how people from other parts of the country view Himachal.

For others, this state is synonymous with mountains, snow, hiking, and tourism.
Others associate it with Malana cream, marijuana, and Bawa log.
Then, for some, it is just a state.

Now, as a Himachali, let me explain how we see it differently from residents of other states:


  • Himachal has always been a haven and refuge for persecuted people and kings.
  • When Islamic monarchs attacked their territories, rulers from the north settled in Himachal.
  • After the downfall of the Mughal Empire and Nader Shah’s assassination, artists from the Mughal court sought refuge in Himachal.



  • In 1961, Himachal Pradesh’s literacy rate was lower than the national average; currently, it has one of the highest literacy rates in India.
  • You may have heard of Kerala’s human development, but consider that Himachal Pradesh’s education revolution is the most successful narrative in India so far.
  • Himachal Pradesh ranks third on India’s human development index, after Kerala and Delhi.


  • Cleanliness Polythene usage is prohibited in this state.
  • The state has just proclaimed an open defecation-free zone.
  • Mandi district was ranked top in the 2017 Swachh Survekshan (Gramin). Other districts in the state rank well as well.


  • One of India’s lowest crime rates.
  • According to the National Crime Records Bureau, Himachal accounts for less than 0.5% of the overall incidence of cognizable crimes in India.
  • Himachal Pradesh has been named the least corrupt state in India in a recent poll.

Art and Culture

  • Almost every community in this state has its unique culture, which is intricately related to its gods and goddesses.
  • Kangra paintings, Chamba rumal, NAATI dance, folk music, and traditional festivals are only a few of the manifestations of the region’s affluent culture.
  • People of Himachal have great faith in their gods and goddesses and also obey their commands.
  • Himachal Pradesh is also well-known for its many temples, which are collectively referred to as Devbhoomi.


Politics is a pleasant activity that stands in stark contrast to national politics.
In this case, anti-incumbency and development strategies are more effective than party politics.


Despite having a population of barely 7 million, Himachal contributes significantly to the armed services. Himachal Pradesh has a population of barely 0.6 percent of India’s total yet provides 4.68 percent of the armed forces.

We grew up hearing Captain Vikram Batra and Captain Saurabh Kalia’s amazing tales from the Kargil conflict. The Pak Armed Forces’ savagery toward these men continues to enrage us to this day.

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