What are some of Himachal Pradesh’s offbeat tourist destinations?

Chitkul is a unique spot in Himachal Pradesh, the most unheard-of yet lovely place that an individual must see at least once in a lifetime.

If Indian summers and winters are giving you nightmares, make your way to this underappreciated town. Chitkul, India’s last inhabited hamlet, offers something for everyone, from the laid-back to the adventurous. Chitkul will captivate and astonish you.

The most significant part is yet to come; in December and January, Chitkul receives snowfall. This is the ideal time to construct snowmen and enjoy a campfire.

1) Accept the goddess Mathi’s blessings.

This location exudes a serene and tranquil ambiance. One must pay a visit to the Shri Mathi deity and get acquainted with Chitkul’s vibrant culture. The tale around this temple is intriguing, and this is a must-see location. This magnificent edifice is awe-inspiring. The deity, carved from walnut wood, seems heavenly.

2) Take a stroll in the Sangla Valley

Take a stroll through Sangla’s lovely green slopes. Visit the world’s most excellent apple orchards; you will not be disappointed.

The valleys are a haven for nature lovers; the abundance produced is breathtaking.

3) At the Wanderers Nest, immerse yourself in an ecological lifestyle.

If you’re in Chitkul, don’t miss the Wanderer’s Nest’s distinctive organic lifestyle. Aside from the magnificent view, waking up to it is a plus. Relax, refresh, and take in the quiet atmosphere while dining on our renowned BBQ beneath a starry sky.

Chitkul’s incredible street art is a must-see for art fans. The Wanderers Nest has made a remarkable step to showcase Chitkul’s enriched culture.

4) Sprinkle around the Baspa river

The most magnificent and fantastic sight is located right in the gorgeous Sangla Valley. When visiting the valley, it’s difficult to overlook the Baspa river. Take a breathtaking trip down the river on one of the town’s unique basket boats.

5) Take a tour of the Chitkul fort

Although it seems to be typical, this fort is another location worth seeing. The local children are enamored with the establishment. This might be because the fort is built in the shape of a watchtower.

Interact with the locals, discover the mythology of the Mathi temple, see the surrounding scenery, and lastly, soak up as much of Chitkul as possible before you go, since here is a true heaven on earth.

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