Himachal Pradesh’s arts and crafts

Carpets, leatherwork, shawls, metalwork, woodwork, and paintings are all produced in this state. The pashmina shawl is a luxury item that is in great demand not just in Himachal but across the nation. Colorful Himachali hats are also a well-known kind of folk art. A tribe called Dom is adept in producing bamboo products such as boxes, couches, chairs, baskets, and racks. Utensils, ceremonial containers, idols, and gold, and silver jewelry comprise the state’s metalware.

Weaving, carving, painting, and chiseling are all regarded to be an integral part of the Himachalis’ way of life. Himachal Pradesh is well-known for its shawl design, particularly in Kullu. The architecture, items, stores, museums, galleries, and artisans enchant with their diversity that has been refined throughout time.

Women are involved in ceramics, whereas males are engaged in carpentry. For centuries, wood has been utilized in Himachal to create houses, idols, and other structures.

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